ChemEducation was founded in Liverpool by a trio of passionate chemistry educators with a wealth of experience in providing outstanding learning experiences for chemistry students. We all hold a PhD in chemistry, and between us we have taught chemistry from Key stage 3 all the way through to postgraduate level. Our enthusiasm for our subject drives us to provide opportunities for students and teachers to explore and excel in the subject. To read more about the ChemEducation founders click here.

What We Do...

ChemEducation's approach to driving forward standards in chemistry education is two fold. Firstly we offer workshops for students that are designed to boost knowledge and understanding, and ultimately grades! This includes intensive revision courses for GCSE and A Level chemistry. All our courses are based in the North West, but are easily accessible by road and rail. Secondly we deliver CPD courses for teachers to develop their knowledge and understanding of various aspects of chemistry, thereby developing their ability to provide a first class chemistry education to their students.


We offer three main types of workshop for students:

  • Topic Masterclasses - these offer in-depth study of specific topics from the syllabi. The topics most commonly offered are ones that we have identified as particularly challenging, or ones that sell themselves to high level examination questions.
  • Intensive Revision Courses - these are often during the school holidays in the run up to the examinations, and are a great way to ensure students are properly prepared for the final examinations. For A Level students starting their courses in 2016 and beyond, these examinations are their only assessment, and are therefore crucial!
  • Preparation for AS/A Level - since the introduction of the new A Level syllabi across all exam boards, the emphasis on maths and other key skills has heightened dramatically. These workshops give students the opportunity to ensure they are properly prepared and have mastered these key skills prior to starting their A Level studies.


Our courses for teachers are designed and delivered by our expert team, and provide opportunities for the development of the knowledge, understanding and communication skills needed to deliver outstanding chemistry lessons with utmost confidence. The courses are built around the key principles stipulated in the syllabi, and incorporate suggested methods of delivery alongside discussions around common misconceptions that cost precious marks in exams. Each one also offers the opportunity to extend beyond this, exploring ways of stretching even the most able students. To find out more about our CPD courses click here.

The topics focused on in our CPD courses are carefully chosen by the team, and are usually ones that are considered to be the most challenging to understand and/or teach. If there is a topic that we don't currently cover and you feel you would benefit from working with us to explore it, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Latest News

chemeducation director Carly runner up in northwest teacher of the year!


On Friday, November 15th 2019 Carly and Ian, two of ChemEducation's co-directors, were all glammed up to attend the Educate Awards Ceremony. These annual awards celebrate the excellence of schools across the Northwest region. Carly had been shortlisted for Teacher of the Year in recognition of the outstanding outcomes she has achieved in A Level Chemistry and BTEC Applied Science during her time in her current role, as well as her dedication to her students. Carly was delighted to be the runner up, and a good night of celebration was had by all!!

2020 A Level Chemistry revision dates released

 A level Chemistry Revision Courses

Central Teaching Hub, Liverpool University

6th and 7th April, 2020

These intensive, one day courses aim to give students the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of some of the more challenging topics on the the A Level syllabi. The small groups allow students to target their individual areas of weakness and develop their exam technique, ultimately boosting their grades! The courses cover both AS and A2 examinations, and are tailored to suit the AQA and OCR specifications.

A Level Analytical Chemistry Masterclass

Central Teaching Hub, Liverpool University

This half day course focuses on the analytical techniques introduced across the two years of A Level Chemistry. Particular attention is paid to NMR, which is a technique that students typically find very challenging. The course covers the necessary principles for each technique, and highlights common themes in exam questions. A methodical way of interpreting analytical data  to deduce organic structures is then introduced, this aims to ensure students know how to interpret data to gain all method marks as well as marks for final structures.