Intensive Revision Courses

These intensive, one day courses aim to give students the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of some of the more challenging topics on the the A Level syllabi. The small groups allow students to target their individual areas of weakness and develop their exam technique, ultimately boosting their grades! The courses cover both AS and A2 examinations, and are tailored to suit the AQA and OCR specifications. All of our courses take place in the Central Teaching Hub at Liverpool University - watch this space for 2018 dates!

A Level Chemistry Courses

We run two revision courses that tackle the higher level concepts of the A level chemistry examinations. Students sit three papers at the end of their two years of study, and the topics in the syllabus are split across the first two papers. The third paper is synoptic, covering all the content studied over the two years. The topics covered in our two courses match the split of topics in the AQA examinations (the split is very similar for the OCR papers, but differences are highlighted where they exist). 


Our 2017 cohorts we extremely pleased with their courses, and overall scored us 9.2/10! One student, Rhian, attended both a paper 1 and paper 2 course in 2017, and made the following comment after receiving the grade she needed to study veterinary science:


'Thank you for all of the help. Couldn't of done it without it. Going to ChemEducation really opened my eyes to how amazing teachers could be. I hope you realise how much you help students. Thank you.'


For more feedback from our past students please see our testimonial page.

Course for paper 1 topics

This course will focus on the following topics:

  • Acids, bases and buffers (pH calculations, buffer action, ionic product of water)
  • Transition elements (Reactions, redox titrations, origin of colour)
  • Electrode potentials (half/full cells, cell notation, standard potentials, fuel cells)
  • Thermodynamics (Born-Haber cycles, Gibbs free energy, entropy, Hess' cycles)

Course for Paper 2 Topics

This course will focus on the following topics:

  • Rate equations (Orders of reaction, rate constant and units, Arrhenius Equation) Please note: this is a paper 1 topic for OCR
  • Organic synthesis (Reaction mechanisms, optical isomerism, aromatic chemistry, proteins and DNA)
  • Analysis (NMR, chromatography, mass spectrometry, structure elucidation)

AS Level Chemistry Courses

We run two revision courses that tackle concepts for AS level chemistry examinations. The topics are split according to the content of the two AS papers set by AQA, although some topics do feature on both papers (please note that for OCR students all content is examined on both papers). These half day courses will run in the Easter break of 2017.

Course for AS Paper 1 Topics

This course will focus on the following topics:

  • Atomic structure (Structure of the atom, mass spectrometry, RAM/RMM)
  • Periodicity and the chemistry of group 2/7 (Trends in physical properties, reactions of groups 2 and 7)
  • Structure and bonding (Ionic, covalent and metallic bonding, properties of substances, intermolecular forces, shapes of molecules)
  • Equilibrium (Dynamic equilibrium, changing conditions, Kc calculations and units)
  • Redox (Oxidation numbers, redox reactions)

Course for AS Paper 2 Topics

This course will focus on the following topics:

  • Kinetics (Collision theory, Maxwell Boltzmann Distribution, factors affecting rates)
  • Energetics (Enthalpy changes, calorimetry, Hess' Law and associated calculations)
  • Amount of substance (Titration/back titration, ideal gas, moles and Avogadro, empirical formulae)
  • Organic chemistry (Functional groups, isomerism, reaction mechanisms, free radical substitution, analysis)