Intensive Revision Courses

These intensive, one day courses aim to give students the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of some of the more challenging topics on the the A Level syllabi. The small groups allow students to target their individual areas of weakness and develop their exam technique, ultimately boosting their grades! All of our courses take place in the Central Teaching Hub at Liverpool University.

A Level Chemistry Courses

We run two full day, intensive revision courses that tackle the higher level concepts of the A level chemistry examinations. The topics covered match the split of topics in the AQA paper 1 and paper 2 examinations (the split is very similar for the OCR papers, but differences are highlighted where they exist). We provide all resources for the day, and many extra resources to aid further revision in the final weeks before the examinations. Many of our past students have complimented us on the quality and quantity of the resources we provide! 


Our previous cohorts were extremely pleased with their courses, and overall scored us 9.2/10! For more feedback from our past students please see our testimonial page.

Course for paper 1 topics

This course focuses on the following topics:

  • Acids, bases and buffers (pH calculations, buffer action, ionic product of water)
  • Transition elements (Reactions, redox titrations, origin of colour)
  • Electrode potentials (half/full cells, cell notation, standard potentials, fuel cells)
  • Thermodynamics (Born-Haber cycles, Gibbs free energy, entropy, Hess' cycles)

Course for Paper 2 Topics

This course focuses on the following topics:

  • Rate equations (Orders of reaction, rate constant and units, Arrhenius Equation) Please note: this is a paper 1 topic for OCR
  • Organic synthesis (Reaction mechanisms, optical isomerism, aromatic chemistry, proteins and DNA)
  • Analysis (NMR, chromatography, mass spectrometry, structure elucidation)