AS/A Level Workshops for Students

We run a range of intensive courses for AS/A level students, all of which are carefully designed and delivered by our team of experts. The maximum ratio of students to tutors is 8:1 for all of our workshops.

Preparing for A Level Chemistry

The new A Level syllabi have an increased focus on maths and key chemistry skills. We run two workshops designed to prepare students for the challenges they will face during their studies. One of these is specifically designed for students who have studied dual award (Core/Additional) science, and supports their challenging transition to A Level. The other gives all students the opportunity to develop the crucial key skills that underpin the new A Level prior to embarking upon the course.


As the name suggests these workshops focus on specific topics, and allow students the opportunity to master the fine details and practise applying their knowledge. These workshops often focus on the higher level topics, such as buffers and analysis/NMR, that lend themselves to A/A* standard questions.


Our intensive revision workshops aim to ensure students are thoroughly prepared for their examinations. Each workshop is standalone, allowing students to select the topics they feel they would benefit most from covering. Students can choose to attend as many of the workshops as they like!